Jul 8 2008

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass Review

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass

First things first: the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass is hands-down quite possibly the best bass guitar for the player on a budget.

It handles all playing styles admirably, from funk to country, but really excels at heavier modern rock and metal playing. Even for players who are able to spend more money on their instuments, the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass is one of the best rock basses available.

Let’s start with the tone: thick and dark yet well-defined, this bass sounds amazing both picked and fingerstyle thanks to the 2 TB-Plus humbucker pickups. While these humbuckers are capable of generating a massive rock sound, the pickup covers prevent the strings from coming in contact with the poles, resulting in an tight and clear slapped sound as well.

The rosewood fretboard is comfortable to play, and the thin neck (a 1.73″ nut width) makes it easy to get around quickly. And even though the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass is one of the larger basses, it’s still not very heavy and its unique shape makes it a breeze to play sitting down.

The classic Thunderbird shape makes this bass stand out visually, but you will need a specially-designed case, as it won’t fit correctly in most Fender-style bass cases. That’s a small gripe for a bass this amazing, but something to keep in mind.

Like we said, this bass handles all playing styles extremely well, but to get an idea of how it performs in the heavier side of things, check it out being played in this cover of Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole:

Overall, you get an extremely high-quality bass for your money, with features and tone usually reserved for much more expensive basses. In fact, the only difference we can see between this bass and its costly Gibson counterpart is that the Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass has a bolt-on neck and is slightly heavier.

Musician’s Friend is selling them for just $299.99, and they’re currently one of the best-selling basses online. At that price, it’s no wonder.

Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass


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  1. Steve said:

    This is a great bass, I agree that it’s excellent value for money. It is fairly heavy though!

    September 10th, 2009 at 2:03 am


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